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At Leonards Motors Maintance is a big priority to us that our customers have the highlest level of servicing that can be offered for their vehicle. In doing so,all of our technicians have received the most up to date training for your vehicle and have access to the latest diagnostic equipment for all makes & models. You can rest assured that we only ever use Approved Parts when we service and repair your vehicle. This guarantees that all work carried out on your vehicle is of the highest quality and that the level of safety in your vehicle is never compromised(Most of all that your warranty is not compromised resulting in nullification of warranty due to eu law passed in 2003) . In addition, if that was not enough, all repair work carried out is guaranteed & warranty comes with all parts fitted.

Why Replace My Engine Oil?

The blood in your body. Water in the desert. And oil in an engine. They're all vital. Without them, someone or something is going to die! Oil is an essential lubricant in your engine. It lets metal press against metal without damage. For example, it lubricates the pistons as they move up and down in the cylinders. Without oil, the metal-on-metal friction creates so much heat that eventually the surfaces weld themselves together and the engine seizes. Which is not good if you're trying to get somewhere. On the other hand, if you want someone else not to get somewhere, then draining the oil out of his or her engine is an effective roadblock!

Let's say that your engine has plenty of oil, but you never change it. Two things will definitely happen:

Dirt will accumulate in the oil. The filter will remove the dirt for a while, but eventually the filter will clog and the dirty oil will automatically bypass the filter through a relief valve. Dirty oil is thick and abrasive, so it causes more wear.

Additives in the oil like detergents, dispersants, rust-fighters and friction reducers will wear out, so the oil won't lubricate as well as it should.

Eventually, as the oil gets dirtier and dirtier, it will stop lubricating and the engine will quickly wear and fail. Don't worry, this isn't going to happen if you forget to change your oil one month but it is essential it is done as close as poossible to the recommended Intervals.

Why Change My Brake Fluid

The operational safety of your vehicle begins with the brakes. Healthy brake fluid is vital to ensure your braking system is in tip top condition. Unfortunately, brake fluid doesnt last forever and it may be time you had yours changed.Brake fluid is hygroscopic, which means it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere. In time, the moisture content builds up and can reduce the effectiveness of your braking system. It is therefore imperative that the old brake fluid is completely removed from the system and changed with new Peugeot/Mazda genuine brake fluid. Manufacturers recommend you have this done every two years or 40,000kms to be sure your brakes are totally reliable.

The Leonards Motors brake fluid service consists of:

•Drain brake fluid and renew using genuine brake fluid

•Test braking system

•Record in service book

•Disposal of old brake fluid (in accordance with environmental regulations)

•Plus free vehicle health check

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What are the benefits of air conditioning?

•Efficient cool air in summer

•Warm dehumidified air in winter easily demists steamed up windows

•Filters pollutants / airborne particles inc pollen helping allergy sufferers

•Pleasant and odour free vehicle atmosphere at all times.

Why does a car need an air conditioning recharge?

Your air conditioning system can lose up to 15% of it's coolant every year, so a 3 year old car may have lost almost half it's coolant seriously impacting on the performance of the system and damaging the components involved. You should regularly have the air conditioning systems serviced to reduce wear and tear on the components and help avoid potentially big repair bills.

Book your free A/C check today and stay cool on our roads this year.

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Why Replace Air/Pollen Filters

(Air Filter)Increased fuel efficiency:

One of the biggest reasons to change your air filter regularly. Some studies indicate that replacing a dirty air filter increases fuel mileage on older, carburated cars by as much as 14 percent if the filter is so dirty it affects driveability. In addition, changing a clogged air filter can potentially increase acceleration by 6 to 11 percent on modern fuel-injected cars. Other studies claim a 10 percent increase in fuel mileage and up to 20c per gallon fuel savings. Regardless of the exact figures, it is obvious that a clean air filter improves air flow to the engine and increases engine performance and gas mileage.

(Air Filter)Reduced emissions:

Clogged air filters can reduce air flow to the engine, literally choking it, and as a result affect the emission control systems of the car causing an incorrect air-fuel mixture and spark plug ignition problems which can lead to serious driveability issues. Spark plugs can become fouled which often times result in an engine miss or rough idle, while also greatly affecting fuel mileage. It can also increase engine deposits caused by having too rich of a fuel mixture and may cause the "Service Engine Soon" light to illuminate. Increased air flow to the engine allows it operate properly reducing fuel consumption and reducing emissions.

(Pollen Filter)General Health

The cabin air filter helps trap pollen, bacteria, dust and exhaust gases that may find their way into a vehicle’s air conditioning and heating and ventilation systems. The filter also prevents leaves, bugs and other debris from entering the heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) system. A dirty or clogged cabin air filter can cause musty odors in the vehicle and cause contaminants to become so concentrated in the cabin that passengers actually breathe in more fumes and particles when riding in the car compared to walking down the street. A restricted cabin air filter can also impair airflow in the HVAC system, possibly causing interior heating and cooling problems, important for staying comfortable this winter. Over time, the heater and air conditioner may also become damaged by corrosion.

Millions of drivers are unknowingly putting not only their lives, but the lives of others in danger by driving on tyre tread of 1.6mm (legal limit) or less. Two in three drivers do not know the legal minimum tyre tread depth for their vehicle and are therefore unable to check their vehicle meets with basic safety requirements.Worn tyres pose a huge risk to drivers, passengers and other road users, especially at the time of the year when we experience icy and wet weather conditions which makes our roads even more dangerous.The tread on your tyres is essential in assisting you to brake, steer and accelerate and drivers must be made aware of the importance of regular vehicle maintenance.

Book your free tyre check today and stay safe on our roads this year.

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